Customers are Raving about Ally’s Bistro!

Customer Restaurant Reviews and Testimonials

Delicious every time

The food here has been carefully prepared and delicious every time I have stopped in. The staff is very friendly and accommodating and the cafe itself has a very pleasant atmosphere. – Tom Scardino, Oct 2013

I’m a Weekly Customer at Ally’s

Ally’s is a great place to eat! We have been going there about once a week since they opened. There food is great and is freshly made! Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is relaxed. Our favorites include the Farmer’s Alfredo Pizza, Cobb Wrap, and Grilled Cheese with Tomato on Marble Rye with a bowl of Roasted Red Pepper with Gouda soup! My only suggestion to make Ally’s even better, would be to offer a daily or weekly special (sandwich, wrap, or pizza) that is something not offered on the everyday menu! – Tara D., Menomonee Falls, WI, Oct 15, 2013

If Arnold Schwarzenegger went to Ally’s he’d say, “I’ll Be Back!”

Am I a fan? You better believe it! The Panini’s are great and the service was very friendly and it was all enjoyed due to the rave reviews from my IMS broker. Will I be back? That’s just a silly question. Please head out and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed!– Kelly B., Sussex, WI, Oct 8, 2013

Good Food, Great Value

I met a friend here this morning and found the place to be clean, cheerful and pleasant all around. We both chose the SW breakfast wrap. I don’t know what they do to the tortillas, but they’re wonderful! I believe they put the wrap in a Panini press just before serving. Delish! Great value, good food. I’m looking forward to returning for lunch or dinner. – Jackie M., Milwaukee, WI, Oct 4, 2013

Mom, can we keep Ally’s?

I’ve been here three times now, and the jury has reached a decision: This place is pretty fantastic. We northsiders have limited dining options, and even fewer for a decent lunch. Ally’s offers a great assortment of soups, salads, paninis, sandwiches and pizzas. So far I’ve had an incredible bowl of soup, a delicious panini and a satisfying salad. I also had a smoothie that made me a very happy girl. The decor is bright and airy, and the ingredients are all fresh. There is nothing to not like about this place; it is pretty much spot-on in every regard. Mom, can we keep Ally’s? – Jennifer W., Milwaukee, WI, Sept 28, 2013

Good Luck, Ally’s

Great to see a local place around here is finally succeeding. The staff/owners are great.the quality of drink/food/deserts are awesome. Love their breakfast and desserts. Their peanut butter stacker is out of this world (and i’m not even a fan of peanut butter).

Good luck ally’s. – Dylani H., Menomonee Falls, WI, Sept 14, 2013

Only wish they were open on Sundays…

Love the food! Excellent selection and friendly staff everytime we’ve been in. Only wish they were open on Sundays! – Rei R., Sept 2013

When you feel like eating fantastic food…

I love this place. I take all of my friends here when we’re feeling like eating some fantastic food made by friendly people. The pizzas, wraps, and sandwiches are amazing, and the smoothies are some of the the best I’ve ever had. Never have I been disappointed by coming to Ally’s. Ugh it’s just so good! – Jordan Brinkman, Aug 2013

My Favorite Restaurant for the Whole Week!

Visited on 6/4 & /6/5 – Roast beef wrap & Mushroom bisque. BLT & Nacho Chips. This was my favorite restaurant for the whole week !! Everything was very tasty and fresh. I liked every single thing I had and would definitely go back again, again and again. – L. D., Chagrin Falls, OH, June 8, 2013

Great Music on Friday Night!

Finally!!!!! Menomonee Falls has an outstanding place to go for awesome food, great music (on Friday night) and superb service & people! — Jerianne L., Menomonee Falls, WI, April 26, 2013

Ally’s Menu offers a Little Bit of Everything

Ally’s is awesome! To Paul W.’s comment, I think the cat is out of the bag here. When we stopped in at noon, they were jam packed, and it’s easy to understand why.

For being so busy, the service was quick and the staff was friendly, taking the time to answer our questions so pleasantly when there was still a line behind us of people needing to order. The atmosphere is clean, bright, and spacious. Even though it’s a fairly small location, they use their space well, and it did not feel cramped.

The food itself was really great. Their menu has a little bit of everything, so there is no doubt anyone could find something to enjoy. For me this time, it was the roast beef wrap with kettle chips, and it was a wonderful (if slightly messy) meal.

I wish Ally’s all the best and am glad to see them being so busy and successful! – Katy G., Brown Deer, WI, March 29, 2013

Best in Menomonee Falls

New owner’s have done a great job. As usual I stopped yesterday around 1:00 p.m. and the place was still jammed packed and also a double line waiting to the door to order. Super owner’s that go above and beyond your requests, service, great coffee and quality of food certainly far about any restaurant in the Falls. A great place to gather with my friends for breakfast/lunch. – Food Lover (UrbanSpoon), Milwaukee, WI, Jan 19, 2013

The only thing better than talking about Ally’s food – is eating there…

FINALLY – a decent place for lunch in this area! They have a vast array of sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, paninis, etc – you get the point. This last time around I had a chicken panini with some sort of cheese and pesto. It was deeeelish and quite large. Overall, the concept is kind of like Panera – but with better quality ingredients. My only criticism would be that I’m not understanding the side of chips and salsa. It just doesn’t pair well with the majority of the sandwiches and the salsa is obviously not made in the store. I’d rather get a bag of chips or a piece of bread. – Kelsey P., Milwaukee, WI, Jan 16, 2013

Great place for lunch

I have eaten at Allie’s numerous times over the past year. (When it was Camille’s, I refused to go back!) Now, with the new owner and name change, it has brought much, much better food. I have enjoyed many of the wraps and all have been good. They offer good soups and although I have not tried their pizza, I’m told it’s really good as well. In an area that mostly has chain restaurants, this is a nice change to the rest of the boring food. Give it a try, you will be happy. — Jason, Menomonee Falls, WI, Oct 25, 2012

Full-On Flavor and Freshness

Paninis and wraps at Allys Bistro are loaded with flavor. Always fresh. If ordering a hot sandwich, I prefer to eat it there instead of takeout. But I’m that way about pizzas, too. — Cathy D., Menomonee Falls, WI, Oct 21, 2012

Don’t Drive By… Stop In!

If you’re from the Menomonee Falls area, try Ally’s Bistro. It replaced Camille’s Cafe about a year ago. Ally’s uses fresh, flavorful meats and veggies in their wraps, paninis and sandwiches.

Example of my favorite Veggie Wrap is their Village Mediterranean: Spinach tortilla, hummus, romaine, roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, black olives, feta…. (except I asked them to make it without the hummus. Eelck! I don’t like hummus.)

I wish someone had pointed out this restaurant to me earlier. I drive by very often – sometimes on my way to dine. Sadly, I never noticed it tucked inside this neighborhood shopping mall. I think the intersection of Appleton Avenue and West Good Hope Road makes it accessible. It’s a convenient place to stop after work, too. – C.D., Milwaukee, WI, Sept 5, 2012

My Go-To Place

What a find in Menomonee Falls. Tried it for breakfast and was very pleased. They serve Victor Allen coffee in huge coffee mugs ($1.89 refillable). The food was made to order and delicious. All fresh ingredients. I ordered the breakfast panini for $6.99 and it came with potatoes or fresh fruit. The side dish of fruit was very generous, it included pineapple, green grapes, fresh blueberries, watermelon, orange slices. The folks running it are very friendly. Plan to go back for lunch or dinner. They offer soups, salads, panini, pizza, wraps, and sandwiches. Also, nice decor inside with outdoor seating. What more can you ask for? I believe this will become my “go-to place” for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. — Chris B., Menomonee Falls, WI August 17, 2012

I Highly Recommend Ally’s Bistro – Great Food, Great Service

This place is a diamond, and there’s no rough to be found. Great all around!! Food is spectacularly fresh and flavorful and the service is outstanding! I go back often and I highly recommend this place to everyone within reach. Everything I’ve eaten there has been very good, prepared very well and served with a smile. Every person on the staff is pleasant and friendly and they always come around to make sure everything is OK. Please visit this place if you haven’t already. You’ll find it’s worth your time! — Becca L., Menomonee Falls, WI, August 9, 2012

Make Ally’s Bistro a Regular Stop

I went to Ally’s Bistro for the first time Monday night to see the weekly car show they host. There were some pretty awesome rides there to look at. Once inside, it took a bit to decide what to have because they have a good variety of dishes and they all sounded excellent. I had the Pasta Alfredo [Special] and it was the best I ever had. The owner and his wife came out and talked to us and treated us like good friends. I will definitely make Ally’s Bistro a regular stop. — Mike H., Milwaukee, WI July 21, 2012

This place is a gem!

This place is a gem and we want to encourage the owner. They bought a place which had been a franchise so there wasn’t a real restaurant kitchen. But from the bar behind the rail in the attractively appointed restaurant, the owner/chef turns out about eight dishes each evening after five that are trendy and tasty. Otherwise, there are sandwiches, soups and salads all day long, nice desserts and breakfasts as well. A full display of Wisconsin craft beers and some nice wines, plus excellent coffees make the place very interesting. The location is odd (off the corner of Good Hope and Appleton in Menomonee Falls), but once the word is out, they should make a go of it. — David Z., Austin, TX July 19, 2012

Like It!

I have been here several times and the food is always fresh and good. Service is good as well. I love the California Wrap. — Sam, Milwaukee, May 26, 2012

Diamond in the Rough

This little gem is amazing! If you haven’t been here yet, I highly recommend you do. The staff is amazing. They are always very friendly and make you feel right at home. The food is fresh and very tasty. I’ve eaten several things off the menu and have yet to be even the slightest disappointed. Everything is fast and amazing and reasonably priced. It’s tucked away in a plaza at the northwest corner of Good Hope and Appleton. Parking is never a problem and neither is seating. In the nicer weather, the patio is beautiful. — R. Levine, Milwaukee, May 26, 2012

Great patio…

Excellent cafe! Great breakfast. Really the only patio in town you can sit on without the smokers. They now serve micro beers and wine too. — Paul, May 5, 2012

Soups are Fabulous!

Their soups are fabulous. I love the wraps that have the pesto-mayo on them–delicious! — Amy, May 5, 2012

Hot Soups and Fresh Baguettes

Love the mushroom and brie bisque with delicious warm rolls! — Lisa, May 5, 2012

Chicken Capri Panini

The chicken capri panini is fantastic and so are all of their soups so I do the half panini with a cup of soup order. Yummy! Ally’s puts Panera Bread to shame. I’m actually full after eating at Ally’s and never was at Panera. — Jann, May 4, 2012

Eat at Ally’s – It’s Worth Looking for

This restaurant is kind of tucked away and hard to find on the corner of Appleton Ave. and Good Hope, so I really hope it’s extremely successful, as it should be. Eat there, you won’t be sorry!!! 🙂 — C.W., Milwaukee, WI, April 2012

Ally’s Bistro – always gets it right

I have been going to Ally’s Bistro for about 5 months, and am totally pleased every time I go, which is usually once a week. As soon as I walk in the door, they greet me by name. The staff is so friendly, especially Rodney, the owner, who always makes my Banana Split smoothie just the way I like it. My order can be a tad complicated, but they always get it right! The Ally’s Club is excellent and their soups are phenomenal as well. The smoothies are also great. I have never been disappointed with anything I’ve ordered. — Courtney W., Menomonee Falls, WI April 15, 2012

Great Atmosphere and Awesome Food

I eat at Ally’s several times a week for both breakfast and lunch. Great service, great atmosphere and awesome food. From made to order omelets and Victor Allen’s coffee in the morning, to salads, fresh made soups, sandwiches, wraps and artisan pizzas.

For lunch my favorites are probably the pulled pork on Thursday, the Club and the roast beef wrap or sandwich. I saw that they will be expanding hours soon and offering dinner options such as stir fry, pasta and fish. Can’t wait!
— Jeff S., Delafield, WI, April 7, 2012

I’m gonna share a great little secret – Ally’s Bistro!

Part of me wants to keep this place a secret… but it’s so great, people should know about it.

Enjoyed a Chicken Capri panini and a small bowl of clam chowder. The taste, texture, and temperature of both were perfect. Had no idea I could get food this good at prices this affordable. They could probably charge twice as much and it would be well-worth the purchase price.

Beautifully colored and lit space, high ceilings. Friendly, smiling employees. Can’t wait to go back. — Paul W., Milwaukee, WI, April 7, 2012